October 29, 2013

Fall Foliage Treasure Hunt

Make a fall themed treasure hunt for your little pirates. I made the map as a surprise and we made the spy glass together. We used an empty baby wipes container as a treasure box when we set off on our adventure. 

Time: Map 15 minutes plus drying time
Spy Glass 10 minutes

Cost: Under $5.00 all household items and recycled material

Singe the edges of a peice of paper
Soak the paper in cold tea
dry on a flat surface
Write the instructions for the treasure hunt.

 I wrote:
Treasure Hunt: can you find
1 yellow leaf
1 red leaf
1 orange leaf
1 large rock
1 medium rock
1 small rock

Roll up the map and seal with wax or a ribbon.

Spy Glass:
1 finished paper towel roll
construction paper
glue stick

Glue the construction paper around the paper towel roll and decorate with stickers. 

Happy treasure hunting!

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